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Clients benefiting from our services

It is just as difficult to generalise about potential clients as about the nature of their projects (see Projects benefiting from our services)

However, here are some of the characteristics of our previous clients; if you feel you fit the pattern, you may want to call us for a discussion:

  • Turnover between €1 billion and €100 billion
  • International operations
  • Major projects planned or already mobilised (see Projects benefiting from our services)
  • Challenge to provide more value added support to operating businesses
  • Pressure to reduce Treasury headcount
  • Need to optimise Treasury systems
  • No established Treasury operations (perhaps in an IPO or MBO situation)
  • Need to optimise banking processes or relationships, perhaps due to pressure on credit lines

    If your particular challenge does not appear in the list above, it doesn’t mean we can’t help you. Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.